I am so excited with all the advances that we have made in the photography business. In fact, I am happy with the direction that we are going. Greetings everyone, and I welcome you all back to my blog. This is your good ole trusted friend William Bullimore 😀 .

Today, it is quite remarkable to see all the technology that we have at our disposal. We are literally able to do things that we never would have imagined we would be able to do thirty years ago. One thing I love is how we can turn pictures into words.

Yes, one great website today that I would love to talk about here on my photography blog is Photo to text. Their ability to take a raw photo, and great words and create a great work of art is unmatched. You know I love to write about anything dealing with photography, and when I came across their work I was in a state of amazement.


They are true modern-day artisans with how they are able to manipulate photos, and words to create a product that is just absolutely stunning. Their keen eye for detail is also unmatched. A few weeks ago, I had some members of my staff here do a little test.

What they did was order a photo from this site. It was a nice little anniversary photo, and when it came back, we were all happy with the finished product. They also had stellar customer service, and their patience with you is unmatched.

When we received the finished product, it was so good that we had to do the “little experiment” over. So, what I did this time was take a picture of my wife and I from our wedding, I also added some special vows to it.

When I received the finished work of art I was delighted to see how well they had crafted the photo with my words. It was almost like they knew exactly what I was thinking. I felt almost like they knew my thoughts, and the same way that I expressed to them how I wanted it was exactly how they gave it to me.

Photo into text

So, being the person that I am. I now thought maybe I should do another “test” just to see if they didn’t just have a chance of “luck.” I wanted to make sure they were really as good as they said they were, so what I did this time was give them a whole family picture to create with words.

I went to a family reunion about a year ago, and me and my whole family (three different generations of us) were all in a picture. I wanted them to recreate the picture using our names. I knew that maybe this would be a much harder task because I also gave them specific instructions.

I told them to make sure the colors stand out, and they must emphasize the colors on one of the shirts that my family member was wearing. I knew this would be a little challenging because the shirt was a special kind of color.

It was blue mixed with green. Within one day I received the finished product, and it was more than what I thought it was going to be. I even gave copies to my family members who were at the family reunion, and they were quite impressed. I was impressed also.

Picture to words

I loved the finished product, and how they captured the words that I gave them. They passed all the test that I gave them, and it was something I must admit they really earned. We specialize in photography so it’s only right that we put folks through the “test” to say the least.

Now, I even have a member of my staff calling Photo-to-Text Inc their favorite photography site. The site is a really great site, and in order for us to call a site a “great site” they must go through our test. They must earn that title because we don’t give that title out randomly.

We worked hard over the years to become a blog with such a great amount of credibility. We really take our name, and our credibility serious, so therefore we don’t just go around, and speak about how great a site is without first doing our research.

Photo into words

We take on the task of making sure a site is actually delivering a quality product, and before we write about a site, we make it our goal to test their product, or test their service.

We do this to ensure that we are giving our audience something of value. We do this to make sure our audience is being fed accurate information. Our audience takes our word seriously, and so we feel like it is our duty to always give our audience accurate information.

So, this was one of the reasons why we tested this site because before writing this blog about them, I wanted to make sure I had all my information down on them, and I wanted to make sure I was being as accurate as possible.

They have passed all the test that we gave them, and I must say that I am more than happy to recommend them for all your needs. If you have a special event, an anniversary, birthday, or anything that you hold near to your heart. We highly recommend that you put them on your list to take care of you if you’re going for a unique vibe when it comes to your photos.


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