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Live View

Live View is one of the new features on the Canon EOS 450D (aka Canon Digital Rebel XSi) that I underestimated. At first I thought it was a gimmick. However, after experimenting a bit with it, I have discovered that there are some benefits to using it occasionally. The major benefit that I have discovered is that it gives you a totally accurate representation of what the sensor is “seeing”. Thus when using manual focus, I find that I can more accurately judge the sharpness of the focus especially in low-light situations. I will definitely be using this feature more than I thought that I would.

An update to the travel situation… We are currently in Brisbane, waiting until Monday for the van to be fixed. Today is the ANZAC Day public holiday, so the mechanic and just about every other place is shut down for the day. It is also my partner’s and my 14th Anniversary today so it’s a happy day. To celebrate, here are a couple more shots from our recent journeys.