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Photography Phorms Phirm Phriendships

xcuse the indulgence of the title, I just couldn’t help myself… :)

Last night I met Ben for the first time. We started chatting after he made a comment on one of my shots at flickr that I had posted in the DPS Assignment for that week. Since then, we’ve made comments on each other’s photos and emailed regularly. Now the great thing about this is that he gives me honest critiques of my work and as a result, I have often taken his (and other’s) advice on board and turned what I thought was a good shot into a (IMHO) great shot. This is invaluable.

At first, when I started submitting photos for stock, I would get disheartened about rejections. But I decided to turn the experience around. As a result, I have been spurred on to find out exactly why my photo was rejected and how to fix it, or how to improve my technique so that my future submissions will be of a higher calibre. I’ve developed a more critical eye of my work and I think it shows in my latest work. While a shot may look good, I have learned to look for the little things like noise, chromatic aberration, sharpness etc.

At the time that I started looking for these things, I asked a few of my regular flickr commenters to honestly critique my work. I value their opinions and as an added benefit, formed some firm intercontinental friendships. Fortunately, Ben lives in Brisbane and when we had to make our unexpected stopover, we finally got a chance to meet. So here’s the result of our first collaboration. We had said we were hoping for a fire engine to come past and finally one did. These are the results… The first shot is Ben’s and the second shot is mine.